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Injured or hurt?

There there are few more “touchy” subjects among coaches than dealing with an “injured” or “hurt” player. In professional environments a Head Coach may have a group of trusted advisors – be that Biokineticists, Physiotherapists and masseurs who can provide clarity on any particular injury and the rest and recovery needed for full rehabilitation. In […]

The “and” or “but” player

Competition between different players is fierce when it comes to selection and every arm chair critic has their own views when it comes to who should or shouldn’t be in a team for various criteria. Recently, discussions within the GKCA team has been led with a view on value an individual can add to a […]

Dealing with the Drop

With the current series on the go between South Africa and India in which teams and players have been tested to the limit. Both teams have been faced with interesting dilemmas in their selection for their final eleven players to take the field for these all important clashes. From the peak of professionals to the […]