Gary Kirsten Cricket

The Gary Kirsten Cricket (GKC) academy provides private coaching for individual cricketers, teams and coaches of various ages and experience levels. Locally and Internationally!

Founded by the iconic cricketing legend Gary Kirsten, Gary had a vision to develop an internationally recognised cricket academy that would be based at a state-of-the art facility. This vision became a reality when the academy was launched, providing high-performance cricket coaching that not only caters for South African cricketers, but also for cricketers from around the world. Many international cricketers join the GKC academy during their off season to ensure that they sharpen their game and continually get access to the top coaches.

A team of fully qualified, highly skilled coaches work closely with ICC World Cup winning coach Gary Kirsten to deliver an unparalleled cricketing experience and provide the finest coaching programs designed for school, club and amateur cricketers.

Whether you wish to find out more about training for school level players or learn more about the unique opportunity provided by private cricket coaching for aspiring professional cricketers, then GKC is without a doubt the best place to enhance your skills in a supportive environment.


Gary Kirsten Cricket (GKC)

1 on 1 Coaching

Gary Kirsten Cricket (GKC)

Group Coaching

Gary Kirsten Cricket (GKC)


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