Delhi Daredevils up and running

GK IPL 2015 Tour

Delhi Daredevils are finally up and running in the IPL 2015. They snapped an 11 game losing streak and one can only imagine what that has done for their confidence going forward in the competition.

Delhi have gone from a team that dominated, with the likes of Warner, Jayawardene, de Villiers, Sehwag and Dilshan and have found themselves sliding further and further down the list. We all know how difficult it is to stop the slide and learn how to win again and finally JP Duminy and his men have stopped the slide and now can hopefully start to build a little bit of momentum going forward.

We all ask the same questions of a side that is battling and just cant seem to get over the line. As you have seen this season already, losing the first 2 games off the last ball does not exactly do much for the morale and confidence of the team.

Sitting watching from the couch here in South Africa has been tough, especially because of the fact that Gary is the head coach of Delhi and is seen as one of the best coaches in the business. So after a morale boosting win, we were very keen to find out from him what he felt the team was now starting to get right.

“Even though we won, you saw how tough it was to still get over the line in the end, but we have come really close in the last two games and we felt we still had some great momentum coming into this game” said Kirsten. “We have some real quality senior players this year and it was fantastic to see Yuvraj come in and play that kind of knock and help Mayank through his innings, it has great impact on the young players in the side and that’s what we are looking for from our “go to” men.”

There is a fine line between winning and losing in 20/20 cricket and the pressure is always on you. The Gary Kirsten Academy will be making a trip to India during the second half of the tournament and it will be fascinating to watch and see how it all unfolds in the biggest showpiece in cricket.

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