Meet Foundation player Luphumlo Kwatsha

Luphumlo Kwatsha

Luphumlo Kwatsha Luphumlo Kwatsha Luphumlo Kwatsha Luphumlo Kwatsha

Meet Foundation player Luphumlo Kwatsha. He is a bowler, all rounder, 15 years old from Siphamandla High School, Khayelitsha, interviewed by coach Sivu

Q. Who is your favourite player in the game of cricket?
A. R. Rossouw

Q. How did you get involved in Siphamandla school cricket?
A. I was invited by one of my community guys

Q. What makes you keep going forward and keep your good attitude?
A. My team mates, coaches’ advice and my parents

Q. How can we attract the community to play and enjoy cricket?
A. By hosting competitions and inviting them to our tournaments to watch the games