Gary Kirsten Cricket India Update

Gary Kirsten Cricket India

With coach Ryan Van Niekerk

11 weeks ago, GKC partnered with Grassroots Sports in India as we look to expand GKC operations globally. It has been an exciting journey so far in a country with so much passion for cricket as we aim to provide a platform for all players to take their games up a level through high quality coaching.

It started with team GKCI running 5 talent hunts around India in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Pune. Over 1500 players attended the camps in all cities with more than 5000 online registrations and it was amazing to see the talent that was on show. Each player got an opportunity to showcase their skills in all the disciplines including a variety of batting, bowling and fielding tasks. This enabled us to unearth some exciting raw talent. Six players were selected from each city who will join us for a 3 day residential camp in Pune in September.

Once the Talent hunts were completed, the GKCI team launched a 14 day PowerPlayer camp in Pune. We had 40 players sign up for the program which provided great exposure to the players in understanding exactly what the GKC brand is all about. It was a camp that encompassed why we play the sport and included batting, bowling, fielding, fitness, assessments, lectures on nutrition and biomechanics as well as life skills. The feedback was brilliant from all who attended and momentum is building nicely toward the launch of the new state of the art GKCI facility.

Over the next few months, Team GKCI will start to focus on creating further awareness across India regarding our Pune operation. This unique facility will allow our team to share every cricketing experience imaginable with players both locally and internationally.

Keep following us on twitter @GKcIndia and Facebook @gkcindia for updates. Our website will be launching soon and we look forward to sharing the journey with everyone.