Gary Kirsten Launches Free Online Coaching Service Via Mobile App

Gary Kirsten Launches Free Online Coaching Service Via Mobile App

Gary Kirsten Launches Free Online Coaching Service Via Mobile App

Gary Kirsten is a household name across the cricketing world. His exploits as an international cricketer and coach are well documented, but Gary Kirsten along with his coaching team at Gary Kirsten Cricket are now offering free online coaching via mobile to aspiring cricketers from around the globe.

In recent years, Kirsten and his team have conducted high performance coaching clinics throughout South Africa as well the United Kingdom, UAE, India and the Netherlands.The GKC enjoys working with and passing on their coaching knowledge to players of varying ability and skill levels.

Players will be able to send in a short video of themselves batting or bowling to the Gary Kirsten Cricket coaching team via their Whatsapp number: +27 76 171 2300.

“Cricket is a global game and we as a global cricket academy enjoy traveling to various international destinations for coaching clinics, however we’re very excited about being readily available to anyone with access to a smartphone and the instant messaging application, WhatsApp. Players are able to send the Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy coaching team a short video clip of themselves practising for some free coaching analysis, tips and advice.” said Gary Kirsten head of Gary Kirsten Cricket.

Creating the clip is a simple task and an instructional video can be found on the website. It can be filmed by a player’s coach, parent or friend using the camera on their mobile phone.

“We at Gary Kirsten Cricket always aim to be at the leading edge of innovation and making use of mobile technology is an exciting way for us to meet the needs of our coaching work. The idea of being able to share a piece of coaching advice with players in the most remote parts of India, Pakistan or Africa, whilst also being able to engage with players in the biggest cites of London, Sydney, Johannesburg or Dubai within seconds, makes me very excited,” Kirsten added.

For now the team has opted not to cap the number of videos that players can submit and all the filming guidelines can be found on our website and social media pages, explains Ryan Cook, GKC Coaching Director.

“We have no idea how many videos will be sent to our team from around the world and we’re planning to keep this a free service until the demands become too great,” Cook said.

It gives players a chance to maximise their cricketing potential and a chance to work with the world class coaching team at Gary Kirsten Cricket.

Gary Kirsten Cricket WhatsApp number: +27 76 171 2300

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