Gary Kirsten’s latest leadership venture to empower corporate sector

Gary Kirsten

Good leadership has the ability to make any team or business great. Whether you are a junior intern, entrepreneur or an experienced business manager, the value of leadership remains a precious commodity. World Cup winning coach, Gary Kirsten is sought after all over the world for his dynamic approach to leadership and has developed an online course which will benefit the corporate sector.

The course titled Leadership and Coaching in Cricket by Gary Kirsten can be accessed via at a discounted rate and is in partnership with leading web-based learning portal Udemy.

“With most businesses gearing up for year-end breaks, this is the perfect time for people to invest in their staff leadership training as anyone can access the information conveniently at their own pace from anywhere in the world and then be ready to tackle 2018 rejuvenated with fresh leadership thinking and ideas,” commented Gary Kirsten.

The information is easily accessible and consists of eight supplementary resources, full-time access, 1-hours’ worth of on demand video as well as access on mobile, desktop and other digital platforms.

As a cricket player Kirsten was one of the most successful international cricketers for over a decade. Today he is regarded as one of the world’s leading coaches. Designed by Kirsten himself, the course presents his personal experiences as the head coach of the ICC World Cup winning Team India as well as his tenure as head coach of the Proteas.

“What Gary Kirsten reveals about coaching in cricket, echoes my experience about leadership in a big corporate,” commented Michael Jordaan, former CEO: First National Bank.

“The purpose of this course is to share some of the detail that goes into leading an international cricket team, some of my own experiences and to provide insight into the inner workings of these teams in order to discover your personal leadership style, how to set effective goals for the future and develop a winning culture in your business environment,” added Kirsten.

Having worked with some of the greatest players of all time like Sachin Tendulkar, Jacques Kallis, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers, Kirsten is well versed in the practice of getting the best out of his team members.

“People that sign up will also gain insight into why coaches and managers of sports team’s value culture over everything else and the distinct parallels between leading sports teams and leading business teams,” Kirsten said.

He continued, “The course also includes how to deal with difficult individuals, how to give effective feedback and how to build trust within a team environment – all of these are of course also vital skills for businesses across the spectrum from entrepreneurs to large corporate organisations.”

“It is an opportunity to learn how to lead people most effectively and how to build a solid base for consistent performance,” he concluded.

For more information and a discounted course rate please visit the Gary Kirsten website: