GKC Activations and Free Coaching Sessions

Curro Hermanus

Gary Kirsten Cricket continued its series of activations and Parent in Sport talks at Curro Hermanus and Parklands College recently.

GKC has been based at Curro Hermanus since January this year with numbers in the private coaching space continuously growing at the school.

Over fifty kids attended the free coaching session between the age of 8-13 with Gary Kirsten hosting the much anticipated talk to a dedicated group of parents.

At Parklands College, 70 youngsters were divided into five groups where they received coaching in various aspects of the game.

“We had five coaches at different stations. We focused on target bowling and throwing, speed gun bowling, power throwing and lots of net sessions,” GKC Coach Garreth Van Hoesselin said.

“The response was fantastic at both schools and it was good to see an encouraging number of girls attend as well. There is great potential among these youngsters and we cannot wait to continue our work with them,” he added.

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