GKC Begins work in Abu Dhabi

The 2017 GKC Coaching assignment in Abu Dhabi has got off to an exhilarating start.

Coaches Ed Kilbee, Oscar Nauhaus have settled in well at their base at the state of the art Zayed Cricket Academy.

The project is part of GKC’s drive to grow the game around the world and establish an international footprint.

Nauhaus says they were blown away by the ultra-modern city and its facilities.

“It really has open ended potential, the Sheikh Zayed stadium has two main cricket ovals, four sand pitches and a net set up suitable for international teams. When you first arrive its difficult not to dream or envisage a bright cricket future in Abu Dhabi,” Nauhaus said.

Their first port of call in the Emirate was to assess the strengths of players at a club boasting over 250 members.

“It was important for us to gain an understanding of the environment so we could plot a way forward,” Nauhaus said.

He continued, “Within a few days we realised that our initial thoughts and ideas all require time.  The key to engaging with the environment and breaking habit is to slowly introduce change. Change cannot be implemented without trust and our entire process was based on trust. We trusted the coaches and administration and they began to trust us.”

Once they found their feet at the academy the duo began to implement GKC’s innovative training drills.

“Training sessions have taken on a new dimension, the quality and standard of practice has improved. Their enthusiasm and energy cannot be coached but their skill departments were lacking and over time we have seen a shift in their skills,” he said.

“We have conducted coaching education sessions, created more opportunities for practice, created opportunities for match play and overall improved the user experience. Technological aid has been introduced to compliment the coaching knowledge,” Nauhaus concluded.