GKC Holiday Clinics Grow Talent Pool

The Gary Kirsten Cricket Holiday Clinics continue to gain momentum in the Western Cape.

The popular project was staged at four venues during the third term vacation and attracted a record number of youngsters.

Over 40 players attended clinics hosted in Century City, Parklands College, Kenridge Primary School and Curro Hermanus.

The three-day programme which catered for junior and senior players focused on a myriad of coaching drills.

“We had two coaches at every venue and it was great to see experienced guys like Ryan Van Niekerk and Ryan Cook get involved as well,” GKC Coach Garreth Van Hoesselin said.

“A lot of boys were new to the programme and that is great as it introduces players to GKC and grows our talent pool,” he added.

The small numbers at each venue allowed coaches to pay individual attention and get the most out of the players in a short space of time.

“It really gave us the opportunity to work on attention to detail. We put them through some hand-eye coordination drills and also gave them time in the nets for bowling and batting practice,” Van Hoesselin said.

“The feedback from players and parents has been phenomenal. This is a project which is growing at a rapid rate and it is something we are looking forward to running again in December and January,” he concluded.

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