GKC hub at Kenridge Primary School

Kenridge Primary School

Gary Kirsten Cricket is quickly expanding its network across the Western Cape and is proud to announce a new base at the Kenridge Primary School.

It follows an exciting launch at the school recently which saw 65 youngsters between the ages of 8-13 receive free coaching and mentoring.

Gary and Peter Kirsten were among the coaches running drills with the kids encompassing all elements of the game.

“We worked with kids in their age groups, going through fundamental techniques in batting and bowling,” GKC Coach Garreth Van Hoesselin said.

“We also had two coaches running fielding stations. In addition we added games to create a fun atmosphere. That is what the engagement was about and the kids really enjoyed it,” he added.

The relationship will also see GKC mentoring coaches at the school.

“Our Coach the Coach programme sees us advise, run sessions and assist with knowledge behind the game,” Van Hoesselin said.

Going forward GKC will host private and group coaching as well as some Sunday matches and net sessions.

“There has already been a fantastic response. We have already run eight sessions and we are looking forward to building a solid relationship at the school,” he concluded.