GKCA Private Coaching: Pathway to success

Reaching ones true cricketing potential requires years of hard work, determination and bags of mental strength.
While natural ability is vital in the ever changing game, preparation, mentorship and good coaching will undoubtedly serve any player hoping to rise to the top.
The Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy’s high performance, private coaching programme gives young players the opportunity to raise the level of their game in all departments.
Ryan Cook, High Performance Director at the GKCA has first hand, seen the marked improvement of players who take up private coaching.
At present the GKCA has over 100 players in the programme.
“The GKCA has the expertise and resources to help players of all abilities. We work on technique and honing specific skills,” Cook said.
One of the key areas of private coaching is the one-on-one attention given to players.
“We look at players individually. Take them through intense net sessions where a batsman can face up to 300 balls,” Cook said.
He continued, “This gives our players a chance to work on their problem areas. It is about repetition and creating consistency. At school level players may only get 50 balls in the net, so it becomes a challenge to rectify a mistake.”
The private coaching pathway does not seek to compete with what players are doing during a school practice session.
“We want to work hand in hand with school coaches. The more knowledge we have on a player the better. We are looking for an integrated approach,” Cook explained.
At present some of the best Western Province age group batsmen have taken up private coaching at the GKCA.
“It is something that works and the results are there to be seen on the cricket field,” Cook said.
Private coaching at the GKCA is available throughout the year for players of all age groups.
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