High Performance Academy

Gary Kirsten

Gary Kirsten Cricket High Performance Academy is in full swing having got underway at the start of November.

The four-month-long programme has attracted eight players from around the world between the ages of 18-21.

These players stand on the cusp of first-class cricket and the programme which is being held at the home of GKC in Constantia will give them an excellent platform to take their game to the next level.

It offers exclusive interactions with Gary Kirsten and other top coaches as well as one-on-ones with world renowned professionals from a variety of different backgrounds. 

Week One

‘Know yourself to grow yourself’

Upon their arrival in the picturesque, Cape Town, players had to undergo various technical, mental and physical assessments.

“Tom Dawson Squibb, GKC’s Performance Psychologist was on hand to provide a framework to guide the players to understanding their goals as the coaches put the players through a battery of tests in their primary and secondary skills,” Ryan Cook, Director of the High Performance explained.

Each player was also introduced to The Sports Science Institute at their High Performance Centre in Newlands and put through physical screenings.

There was also plenty of work taking place in the nets with two sessions per day at the Claremont Cricket Club.

Players enjoyed a far more relaxed end to the week with a calming Yoga experience in Khayelitsha with the Gary Kirsten Foundation players at the Impendulo School.  

Week Two:

“Invest in the root – bear the fruit”

Players were met with a mountainous task at the start of the second week.

An early morning awakening saw them ascend the iconic, Lions Head for a bit of team building.

“There is no better way to explore the surrounds of beautiful Cape Town by acclimatizing up the mountainous peaks. It was terrific to see all the players enjoying the challenges on the way up and the panoramic views upon arrival,” Cook enthused.

In the nets, players were put through their paces with coaches emphasizing on the fundamentals of the game.

“Players did drill work on all facets both in the nets and the middle. Access to specialists is second to none at the GKC High Performance Academy. Visual and Fielding Specialist Jolene Dippenaar came down from Pretoria to help the players with visual tips as well as pressure sessions to enhance their fielding technique which was much enjoyed by all the players,” Cook explained.

Coaches have already seen exponential growth in the players. There has also been some very encouraging contributions from these players at their Premier League clubs in Cape Town.