How to win, is there an answer?

Recently we all found ourselves enthralled in the IPL and what an exciting finish it was, as Kolkata Knight Riders went on a 9 match winning streak to clinch it at the end chasing 200 in the final.

Going away from the excitement and pyrotechnics of it all, the question needing an answer is still not quite as clear cut as we might think; How to win? and how to win consistently.

Is it Momentum? is it a Performance from a player? is it Captaincy? is it Skill? is it Attitude? these are just some of the questions that get thrown around when teams are trying to figure out what the best solution is. These are with out a doubt key ingredients when looking at how to win, but something is missing.

Gary has recently returned from the IPL and the Delhi Daredevils didnt do well at all. In asking Gary about his experience in the tournament, the simple answer was; “we had a great team culture and the players enjoyed each others company, it was a fantastic environment to be part of. It does not guarantee results, but I believe it lays the foundation to excel and work from.”

As I watched the conclusion of the IPL last night, all the players were interviewed afterwards as well as the coaches. That exact question was posed to almost all of them, “How did you start winning? what did you do differently?” Of course the answers were, Momentum, Players stepping up, Attitude, Skill etc. But one thing stood out in every interview “We played as a team and believed in each other. The team environment was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the success of their fellow players.”

It seems like creating a culture within a team environment where players are free to express themselves and play naturally, is at the forefront of how to start winning. Do you agree? What do you feel is the best way to go about coaching a team?

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