In between his coaching obligations, Gary Kirsten engages with a variety of groups in varying forums, giving insights into his leadership philosophies and how these helped Team India and Cricket South Africa reach their respective goals. His achievements and humility set him apart as speaker.


This groundbreaking online course targets cricket lovers, coaches, parents, human resource managers and leadership practitioners.

Gary Kirsten has dedicated his entire life to the sport of cricket. Sharing his wealth of knowledge has always been one of Garys’ great passions. Developed by Gary himself, the course presents his personal experiences as the head coach of the ICC World Cup winning Team India as well as his tenure as head coach of the Proteas.

“The purpose of this course is to share some of the detail that goes into leading an international cricket team and to provide insight into the inner workings of these teams to empower parents, coaches and business leaders. People that enroll will also gain insight into why coaches and managers of sports teams value culture over everything else. The course also includes how to deal with difficult individuals, how to give effective feedback and how to build trust within a team environment – all of these are of course also vital skills for businesses across the spectrum from entrepreneurs to large corporate organisations. It is an opportunity to learn how to lead people most effectively and how to build a solid base for consistent performance.”


Guest Speaking

His attention to detail and structured approach makes him an effective communicator. His articulate and eloquent manner combined with an unmistakable presence endears him to all. Known for his straightforward approach, Gary has the knack of simplifying often complicated issues. His passion for excellence and accountability is infectious.


Leadership Philosophies

It seems that we’ve forgotten that school is a place where you learn. It’s a place of preparation, not performance. Once you have learnt skills and gained confidence based on real competence, you are better prepared for the stress of performance and competition.

As a proud father and sporting icon, Gary also enjoys speaking to parents and educators about their approach to our children’s sport-life, and how it affects the children’s entire lives. Gary shares remarkable parts of his own story, and helps us to rethink and sharpen our involvement in school sports.


“Gary’s leadership style is the perfect blend of humility, discipline, empowerment and ambition. He is successful because his true intent is to make others shine.”

– Michael Jordaan (ex CEO FNB)