Gary Kirsten Cricket & Oman Cricket

Oman Cricket (OC) and Gary Kirsten Cricket (GKC) have identified the opportunity to establish a partnership which aims to deliver the following key strategic outcomes:

  • Improved systems and standards for coaching and talent development in Oman.
  • Increased participation among local Omani and international cricketers by expanding community outreach and grassroots development programmes.
  • Establishment of an Oman Cricket Academy (OCA) based at the world class facilities in Muscat, Oman.
  • Offering a credible coach education and accreditation programs for coaches throughout Oman.
  • Enhanced content offerings at Oman Cricket facilities to further drive public participation, sponsorships and commercial values.
  • GKC will play an advisory and supporting role in developing these systems in conjunction with OC to ensure the long-term sustainability growth of Oman Cricket.
  • This partnership is a 3-5 year journey which will see Oman Cricket emerge as a serious contender for the highest level of ICC cricket qualification.
  • Oman Cricket Program Development, Coach Development and Oman Cricket Academy.