Optimistic Oscar sets his sights

Abu Dhabi

Oscar Nauhaus, The GKC Head Coach in Abu Dhabi is looking forward to his next permanent stint with Zayed Cricket Academy. Nauhaus (30) is no stranger to the region having served terms in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka prior to this post which started last year in November. This experience, along with his vast coaching in school and provincial setups in Cape Town as well as exposure to coaching for GKC High Performance have enabled him to setup an aspirational pipeline for cricketers in the region and to grow the GKC brand internationally.

After evaluating the system in place in Abu Dhabi Cricket in November 2017, GKC continued their work at the start of 2018 at Sheik Zayed Cricket stadium with a series of High performance camps as well as setting up systems to attract players to cricket and improve the game through high quality practices and matches. Nauhaus states proudly,“By bringing new aspects to the structure of training we have been able to provide unique and exciting elements into the system and we have noticed a vast improvement.”

The next phase will be to build on the foundation which has been set up and the programs will become more specific and individualized. “This is all part of the culture which we are trying to create and foster.” This includes various new activities and methods to teach the game within a pathway for players which can facilitate growth, learning and fun.

Oscar and the coaching team have some challenges with such a diversity of cultures present in the community, but he sees this as a positive. “Cricket can be used as a vehicle to bring together all nationalities and people from all walks of life”. At this stage, providing opportunities for participation is one of the short term objectives, but GKC and Zayed Cricket Academy have some loftier ambitions, “The long term the goal would be to have players who have come through the grassroots system to U19 and perhaps go on to have a professional career in the game.”

As for Oscar himself, this has been avaluable learning experience. Being exposed to both the male and female games as well as the variety of cultures has allowed him to see the game through a wider lens. “It has been eye opening for me and I have grown as a person and a coach through this opportunity. My aspiration is to coach in the international realm and the lessons learnt in Abu Dhabi will hold me in good stead.”

Oscar arrives back in Abu Dhabi to continue his tenure at the beginning of August and is excited for the months ahead. GKC will be conducting another High Performance camp in October with Gary himself which fits into a busy schedule at the stadium and at the academy.