Gary Kirsten: Parenting in Sport

It seems that we’ve forgotten that school is a place where you learn. It’s a place of preparation, not performance. Once you have learnt skills and gained confidence based on real competence, you are better prepared for the stress of performance and competition.

As a proud father and sporting icon, Gary also enjoys speaking to parents and educators about their approach to our children’s sport-life, and how it affects the children’s entire lives. Gary shares remarkable parts of his own story, and helps us to rethink and sharpen our involvement in school sports.

  • My experience of playing sport at school.
  • Meeting two of my mentors. Positive influences in my life.
  • Becoming a professional. The burden of expectation.
  • Becoming the Coach. What did I hear? What do they want to hear?
  • Becoming the parent. Looking through the eyes of my child, What do they hear?