University of Portsmouth SA tour

Gary Kirsten Cricket will be hosting 25 students from the University of Portsmouth in April. The students will not only have the opportunity to enjoy in-depth cricket sessions and matches with Gary and GKC coaches, but they have offered to assist with the Gary Kirsten Foundation as well. The players have committed to assisting with a variety of general maintenance at the schools as well as interacting with and coaching the GKF players in Khayelitsha. Matt Blandford, a student at the university, completed 10 triathlons during January to raise funds for the Gary Kirsten Foundation! The GKF players cannot wait to meet Matt and the rest of the cricketers.

When approached for a comment about how he feels after the grueling month of triathlons, Matt said, “I feel a lot fitter but my legs are very heavy, although I am sure that it is nothing that a few days of rest won’t fix. I’m excited to get out to South Africa and see the great work that is being done through the Gary Kirsten Foundation!”