What a Semi Final, can it get better?

As the tournament has gone along, all involved were crying out for a game that leaves everyone on the edge of their seats and with no finger nails. Well we have all just got our wish!

If you are South African, its an extremely tough pill to swallow and as we watched the last few overs go by, you could not help but think, “what twist is around the corner this time for us?” We have an unbelievable team and one doesn’t want to make any excuses, but wow the rain didn’t help us at all.

Then again, if you are a New Zealander, the “brave” cricket Brendan McCullum and his team are playing at the moment is just amazing to watch. You think to yourself, surely it’s going to backfire at some stage? That knock at the top of the innings to get the momentum going was unreal from McCullum and then Grant Elliot came from nowhere and decided to put a dagger through South African hearts once more with a clinical mature knock. How much analysis do you think we did on Elliot?

And so there is one more Semi to go, who are you backing to go all the way? Australia on home turf is a tough one to bet against, but then again, India know how to win as well and are the current holders. If the first semi final is anything to go by, then we are all in for a special occasion on Thursday.

We will be catching up with Gary in the coming few days and get his view on the semi final loss as well as the atmosphere that surrounded the unbelievable game at Eden Park. Well done New Zealand, good luck to Australia and India.

Who do you think will lift the trophy on Sunday at the mighty MCG? leave us your comments and we will get Gary to reply soon.

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